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grand canyon-Rhonda Lampe
Rhonda Lampe

About me


I picked up my first camera in 1989. I was self-taught in capturing images on film, not knowing the way the digital age would take over photography. After a few years behind the camera, I put it down in lieu of my life going in a different direction.

In 2000, I picked up my camera again after discovering the computer and the uniquely creative world that was open to me again! My photos, coupled with being enhanced and manipulated digitally, allowed me to finally bring the images I had in my mind to life! This was the beginning of my transformation of merely recording images, to creating truly Fine Art pieces.

I eventually joined an established photo studio which has given me a working outlet for my artistry and the ability to create one of a kind art pieces for clients on a daily basis.

My real passion however, comes in the form of creating my own unique Fine Art images which I am extremely proud to have showing in numerous art galleries.

Over the course of the last 20 years, I have taught myself the magic of digitally enhancing & compositing my photographs to create a world of imaginative images for others to enjoy...and I hope you do!

Lampe-Old Iron Bridge-04.jpg

"I've never had one particular style. When I see a beautiful photo...I take it! When I have an idea for an art piece...I create it!"

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